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 * ms-ole.h: MS Office OLE support for Gnumeric
 * Authors:
 *    Michael Meeks (michael@imaginator.com)
 *    Arturo Tena (arturo@directmail.org)
 * Copyright 1998-2001 Ximian, Inc., Arturo Tena

#ifndef MS_OLE_H
#define MS_OLE_H

/* This should be done in glib */
/* Allin Cottrell modifications here */
#ifndef _WIN32
#     include <fcntl.h> /* for mode_t */
# include <sys/types.h>
# ifdef notdef
      typedef unsigned long mode_t;
      typedef /* signed */ long off_t;
      typedef size_t ssize_t;
# endif
      typedef /* unsigned */ long caddr_t;

#include <glib.h>

typedef enum {
} MsOleErr;

typedef enum {
} MsOleSeek;

typedef enum  {
      MsOleStorageT = 1,
      MsOleStreamT  = 2,
      MsOleRootT    = 5
} MsOleType;

typedef guint32 MsOlePos;
typedef gint32  MsOleSPos;
#ifdef G_HAVE_GINT64
      typedef guint64 MsOlePos;
      typedef gint64  MsOleSPos;
      typedef guint32 MsOlePos;
      typedef gint32  MsOleSPos;

typedef struct _MsOle             MsOle;
typedef struct _MsOleStat         MsOleStat;
typedef struct _MsOleStream       MsOleStream;
typedef struct _MsOleSysWrappers  MsOleSysWrappers;

struct _MsOleSysWrappers {
      int     (*open2)  (const char *pathname, int flags);
      int     (*open3)  (const char *pathname, int flags, mode_t mode);
      ssize_t (*read)         (int fd, void *buf, size_t count);
      int     (*close)  (int fd);
      ssize_t (*write)  (int fd, const void *buf, size_t count);
      off_t   (*lseek)  (int fd, off_t offset, int whence);
      int     (*isregfile)    (int fd);
      int     (*getfilesize)  (int fd, guint32 *size);

      /* Optionaly implementable */
      void   *(*mmap)         (void *start, size_t length, int prot,
                         int flags, int fd, off_t offset);
      int     (*munmap)       (void *start, size_t length);

struct _MsOleStat {
      MsOleType type;
      MsOlePos  size;

#define                 ms_ole_open(fs,path)     ms_ole_open_vfs ((fs), (path), TRUE, NULL)
extern MsOleErr         ms_ole_open_vfs         (MsOle **fs,
                                     const char *path,
                                     gboolean try_mmap,
                                     MsOleSysWrappers *wrappers);
extern void       ms_ole_destroy          (MsOle **fs);
extern MsOleErr         ms_ole_directory  (char ***names,
                                     MsOle *fs,
                                     const char *dirpath);

struct _MsOleStream {

      MsOlePos size;

      gint        (*read_copy)      (MsOleStream *stream,
                               guint8 *ptr,
                               MsOlePos length);

      guint8 *    (*read_ptr) (MsOleStream *stream,
                               MsOlePos length);

      MsOleSPos   (*lseek)    (MsOleStream *stream,
                               MsOleSPos bytes,
                               MsOleSeek type);

      MsOlePos    (*tell)           (MsOleStream *stream);

      MsOlePos    (*write)    (MsOleStream *stream,
                               guint8 *ptr,
                               MsOlePos length);

       * Private.
      enum {
      } type;
      MsOle       *file;
      void        *pps;       /* Straight PPS */
      GArray            *blocks;    /* A list of the blocks in the file
                                 if NULL: no file */
      MsOlePos     position;  /* Current offset into file.
                                 Points to the next byte to read */

#define MS_OLE_GET_GUINT8(p)  (*((const guint8 *)(p) + 0))
#define MS_OLE_GET_GUINT16(p) (guint16)(*((const guint8 *)(p)+0) |        \
                              (*((const guint8 *)(p)+1)<<8))
#define MS_OLE_GET_GUINT32(p) (guint32)(*((const guint8 *)(p)+0) |        \
                              (*((const guint8 *)(p)+1)<<8) |   \
                              (*((const guint8 *)(p)+2)<<16) |  \
                              (*((const guint8 *)(p)+3)<<24))
#define MS_OLE_GET_GUINT64(p) (MS_OLE_GET_GUINT32(p) | \
                         (((guint32)MS_OLE_GET_GUINT32((const guint8 *)(p)+4))<<32))

#define MS_OLE_SET_GUINT8(p,n)  (*((guint8 *)(p) + 0) = n)
#define MS_OLE_SET_GUINT16(p,n) ((*((guint8 *)(p)+0)=((n)&0xff)),         \
                         (*((guint8 *)(p)+1)=((n)>>8)&0xff))
#define MS_OLE_SET_GUINT32(p,n) ((*((guint8 *)(p)+0)=((n))&0xff),         \
                         (*((guint8 *)(p)+1)=((n)>>8)&0xff),      \
                         (*((guint8 *)(p)+2)=((n)>>16)&0xff),     \
                         (*((guint8 *)(p)+3)=((n)>>24)&0xff))

extern MsOleErr         ms_ole_stream_open      (MsOleStream ** const stream,
                                     MsOle *fs,
                                     const char *dirpath,
                                     const char *name,
                                     char mode);
extern MsOleErr         ms_ole_stream_close     (MsOleStream ** const stream);
extern void       ms_ole_ref        (MsOle *fs);
extern void       ms_ole_unref            (MsOle *fs);

#endif      /* MS_OLE_H */

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